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Whether you are opening a business, designing a product, or starting a new project, it can be tough. Being a business owner is demanding and you might not always have the ability, resources or time to get to success; that’s where we can help.

We have experience helping innovators exceed their expectations. We can help with a wide variety of things such as assessing technology, applying for funding, and hiring talented employees.

The Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre  has the tools you need to succeed. Whether you require space to work on your business, smartphones to develop an app, or information to educate yourself, we can help get your ideas from paper to reality!


Figure It Out 

A lot of the time just figuring out what you need to do next or where you want to end up is the hardest part.  We can help with connecting you to people, using technology to help, and more. 

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It's pretty challenging to have a successful business without having any customers! We can help with market research, identifying and approaching potential customers, and more.

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We know it's a challenge to get to the resources you need without spending a fortune.  We have programs to help you out with workspace, training, testing, information, and more.

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Looking for funding to move your business forward? Let's talk!  We have a lot of experience with finding the right fit and navigating the funding process.

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Take a look at the jobs and technology skillsets we have in Northwestern Ontario with Thunder Bay Reconnect and ICT Connection. 

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