What We're Doing

We like to get involved with new projects, cool ideas and stuff that can impact our region.  Some of the stuff we do works out great and others, well we tried. If you have an innovative idea for our region or your community let us know maybe we can help. We welcome partnerships and new ideas because  Listed below is some of the cool stuff we are working on.  If you want to see some things we've worked on in the past, take a look at What We've Done.


Current Projects

Thunder Bay Reconnect

Bringing talent who have moved away back to Thunder Bay through keeping them informed on news and opportunities happening in and around the city.

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Digital Northwest Network

Building a regional Information and Communications Technology (ICT) community in Northwestern Ontario through connectivity, utilization, and education.

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Broadband/Cellular Projects

Championing regional projects that address gaps in high-speed Internet connectivity in Northwestern Ontario with support from our numerous partners. 

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ICT Connection 

A directory of businesses and individuals in Northwestern Ontario with technology skills that connects organizations with services and talent. 

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GIS Infrastructure

Working with public and private sector stakeholders to set objectives and priorities for developing GIS infrastructure in Northwestern Ontario. 

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