Other Funding


There are so many programs out there, and each one is for something just a little different.  Depending on your industry, there may be even more opportunities available. Best to check in with us to assess your funding opportunities and provide recommendations.  We've also included some information about the other main funding options: investors and loans. 



Frequently Accessed Programs


National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

Best for Startups and Mid-Sized companies looking to fund product development, either with internal labour or external contractors.

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation

Best for Startups and Mid-Sized companies looking to launch a beta product or acquire equipment to scale the business.


Best for Tech Startups and Mid-Sized Companies looking to manufacture products, hire an intern, and scale up their productivity.

Scientific Research & Experimental Development

Best for Tech Startups and Mid-Sized Companies looking to obtain tax credits on scientific research and experimental discovery to recoup investment in product development.

Starter Company Plus

Best for those starting a business, purchasing an existing business and expanding a current business.

OCI Programs

These programs are designed to accelerate the commercialization and adoption of emerging technologies in Ontario.



Offers financial support to SME's seeking to develop new export opportunities.



Finding investors is very difficult and finding the right investor is even harder. Through investment pitch coaching and accessing our business advisory services, we can help you get investment ready and work to find investors for you. If you want to quickly validate your product and raise some funds, consider a crowdfunding campaign where you raise money from pre-orders. Occasionally we even hold pitch competitions, so check back frequently on our events to see if one is happening soon!

Investor Networks


Northern Ontario Angels

Best for Startups and Mid-Sized companies that are post-revenue


Best for Startups and Mid-Sized companies that are post-revenue

MaRS Investment Accelerator

Best for Mid-Sized companies with sales less than $1 million

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Looking to pre-sell your product or service on a platform to gauge market potential and/or find the right messaging without giving up any of your business? We’ve helped other companies successfully raise money from perfect strangers and get exposure for their idea.  Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two very popular crowdfunding platforms




Looking to borrow? Connect with our advisors and we can help you borrow smart and make sure that you can handle the payments. We work with organizations like Thunder Bay VenturesBDC, and Futurepreneur Canada.


Funding Portal

An online tool that helps companies, municipalities, nonprofits, and other organizations discover grants, government incentives, and other funding.