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We are pleased to partner with Tidal Shift to deliver this training program.


Climate change. COVID-19. New technologies. The sources of change are endless, and all put pressures on people to adapt their strategies and plans, their policies and processes, and even their tools and staff to accommodate these changes.  Understandably, resistance to the changes may be high and individuals will struggle with the impacts of the changes on their lives. With the fast pace of change today, organizations need to build capacity for managing how to adapt to change and how to help impacted individuals overcome their anxiety and resistance to the change.

“Developing change resilience in an organization is becoming a critical skill in this new era. You can compare organizations in the same industry that responded to the same change pressures differently, resulting in shockingly divergent business outcomes. Organizational resilience – the ability for an organization to adapt efficiently to change – is a key predictor of long-term survival and is a critical skill in our current business environment." Jeff Coull, Executive Director, NOIC




This program combines two certification courses (and two exams), the Change Management Foundation™ and the Change Management Practitioner™, into one 5-day learning development event. It provides practical knowledge on Change Management techniques and ultimately, prepares you to write the APMG International Change Management Foundation™ and Change Management Practitioner™ certification exams which are taken on the third and fifth day respectively. The courses were developed in partnership with the  Change Management Institute, aligned to the Institute's Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK). 

Full details on Change Management Foundation™:
Full details on Change Management Practitioner™:

For more information about the APMG accreditation details visit:


  1. Change Management Foundations (CMF) 3 days
    -   You must achieve at least 50% on this exam to qualify for CMP
  2. Change Management Practitioner (CMP) 2 days


Note: The Change Management Foundation™ and Change Management Practitioner™ certification programs are available separately and not only as a single package as outlined above. To obtain your Change Management Practitioner™ (CMP) designation you must successfully pass both exams. You cannot continue on the the CMP portion of the course unless you pass the CMF exam. You will be refunded based on the individual course costs noted below.



The course is five full days delivered over 10 half days. It is technically two courses and two exams.

May 6-10, 13 (exam), 27-29 and 30 (exam), 2024

Weekday afternoons, 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm EST


Course Pricing:

Both courses:  $2639 + HST (includes exam fee and textbook costs)

(MSRP $2935, NOIC is supporting a portion of the cost of the 5 day program)

Change Management Foundation™ only:   $1799 + HST
Change Management Practitioner™ only:   $1499 + HST



To help organizations in Northwestern Ontario become more resilient, NOIC has partnered with Tidal Shift, a leading change management consulting firm, to offer change management training to the region's business community.  Tidal Shift is one of a few companies authorized to prepare individuals to pass an international certification regimen leading to the Change Management Practitioner qualification. Through a series of interactive and engaging online sessions, participants in this training will learn about change management theory, why people resist change, and how to avoid or overcome resistance through developing a sound up-front change adoption strategy. Filled with real-world examples, the training provides a very practical approach to managing individual, team, and organizational change.




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Jeremy Dutton


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Canada-Ontario Job Grant

This program is eligible for funding through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant.
The Canada-Ontario Job Grant can offset training costs to a maximum of $10,000 – $15,000 per employee.
When filling out the application, please list the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre as the trainer.


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