NACO Initiative


The Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre (NOIC) is excited to release the findings from the four roundtable discussions and 32 entrepreneur spotlights that were conducted earlier this year in partnership with NACO.

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National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) is a professional association for angel investing, with 4000 members who have invested $1.54 billion in more than 2000 companies. They have launched a National Women's Initiative, dedicated to mobilize angel capital for women led-companies.

The National Women's Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada through the Inclusive Women's Venture Capital Initiative, a key part of Canada's first-ever Women Entrepreneurship Strategy.

To support the initiative, NACO is partnering with organizations across Canada, including Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre (NOIC). The initiative provides opportunities for connection, knowledge sharing, and storytelling.



"It's been eye-opening to see the multitude of women driving businesses in our region. Their stories of resilience in starting and sustaining ventures are truly inspiring. What surprised me most was that many of these women don't identify as entrepreneurs. This could be because the typical portrayal of an entrepreneur often excludes women. Additionally, through this initiative we witnessed the balancing act between home life and business that most women face, it's commendable and deserves recognition." - Carole Long, Business Advisor at NOIC.


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