What We've Done

Check out some of our past work! Some of the things we've done in the past may be helpful for you now, or they may just give you some insight into our wealth of experience. 

 Past Projects and Reports

Northwestern Ontario Specialty Crop Market Report (2013) 

This report assesses the potential market opportunity for growing and marketing selected specialty crops. Some crops assessed were: chickpeas, lentils, field peas, flax seed, mustard seed, canola, durum wheat, white spring wheat and mill house barley.

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Northwestern Ontario Business Expansion Study (2013) 

This study was based on interviews with 63 companies from various sectors in the region of NWO.  Business owners were asked detailed questions about the current state of their business and future opportunities for growth and constraints to growth.

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Information Technology Utilization Study (2010)

This report identified the then current state of information and communications technology utilization amongst Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and communities in our region. Secondary research was conducted into international, national and regional best practices, trends and success stories.

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NeoNet Business and NeoNet Residential Reports (2009)

This report presents the findings of a survey to determine the information and communications technology utilization amongst businesses (NeoNet Business Report) and households (NeoNet Residential Report) in various Northern Ontario communities, including Thunder Bay.