Next Level Program



What is it?

If you are an innovative business with a product or service and  looking to expand, Next Level can help. Oftentimes, businesses have difficultly accessing funding for growth and get stuck doing the same old, same old. This program is desigend to help businesses capitalize on market opportunites, expand and grow.

The purpose of this program is to provide funding to assist with innovative business growth.  This support may be applicable to the following contracted expertise, services or direct costs:

  1. Sales and Marketing
    1. Trade show exhibiting
    2. Sales Training
    3. E-Commerce
    4. Test marketing
    5. Branding development
    6. Selected promotional materials
    7. Export market development
  2. Product Development
    1. Market research
    2. Feasibility analysis
    3. Product testing
    4. Certifications, in-market licences, market entry fees
    5. IP Research and Protection
  3. Business Enhancement
    1. Management support/training
    2. Business capacity development
    3. Productivity or lean production implementation

Up to $5,000.00 in assistance may be provided towards approved costs in the above categories.


- Must be an innovative for-profit entity, (registered sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation). Next Level funding is not intended for businesses operating as distributors or resellers

- Outcomes of the Next Level project must be geared towards growing sales, increasing employment levels, or decreasing costs

- The applicant is required to contribute 20% of total project costs. Paid expenses occuring before the date of the application for Next Level    funding will not be recognized an an eligible contribution. 

- Applicant contribution must be recieved before payment is advanced to contractors. 


How to Apply?

Prior to completing an application you are encouraged to contact Jaquelyn Holm who can provide you with further information.You can apply for this program by downloading and completing the Next Level Application and Business Model Canvas below:

Next Level Application Form

Business Model Canvas

Please submit to

Box 398, 2400 Nipigon Road,Thunder Bay,ON P7C 4W1
Phone:  (807) 768-6682, Fax:  (807) 768-6683
Toll Free:  1 866 768-6682


Next Level Project Example

For an example of recently completed Next Level project see our case studies with Aerovate and Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension

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