Trail Blazer

The Trail Blazer program is an 5 week program (1.5 hrs session/week) for early stage startups. The program is designed to take you through the necessary steps to identify your market and validate your idea.

The program consists of weekly training, e-learning modules, customer interaction, peer-to-peer learning, and experienced mentors to help you along the way. During this practical program you will learn how to use a business model canvas and develop each part of your business to ensure you’re building a business that makes sense and that your customer want.

The goal of the program, is for participants to have a validated business model. The program concludes with a graduation and pitch night where participants will have the opportunity to pitch their idea to a room of community members, potential customers, funders, and angel investors.


Looking for individuals/companies with an innovative idea that is scalable. Must be coachable, willing to engage with customers, and fully committed to moving their idea forward.


Program Begins: Wednesday, February 7, 2019 at 11:30a.m.

Cost: $50 plus tax and includes a light snack


Interested or have questions? Please contact Ryan Lipcsei at nwoinnovation%23ca|ryan or 807-768-6685 for details about the upcoming session.  

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