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Support for implementing innovative technology in your business.


Our first round of BTIF funding was so successful that we’re running it two more times! The BTIF program is now accepting applications to it’s second cohort with a third cohort running later this year. Please review the program details and relevant deadlines below. Previous participants are encouraged to apply again, but please note that previous funding will be applied to the $25,000 max reimbursement.


Congratulations to The Sal for successfully completing their CTAF project! Our BTIF program is very similar to CTAF (no longer available) and we hope you apply. Please review the program details below to get started.

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Websites and Social Media
Business Processes with Hardware or Software
Human Capital Development and Technology Education
Customer Relationship Management and Online Service


Is your business eligible?

Your Business Must:

• Be a full-time business and have been in operation for at least one year.
• Possess a valid Canadian business number.
• Be located in Northwestern Ontario.
• Established seasonal businesses are eligible.

The following sectors are the preferred sectors for this program.

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Agri-Food
  • Health/Bio-Sciences
  • Clean Tech
  • Digital
  • Tourism and Resources

Other sectors are still eligible and encouraged to apply but must demonstrate an outstanding economic impact and may not receive the full 50% contribution.

Are you ineligible?

• Hobby and part-time businesses
• Municipalities and non-for-profits

BTIF Application Process:

  1. A consultation between the applicant and the program coordinator will be scheduled to review, discuss and to advise on your application and project proposal.
  2. Complete and submit the BTIF Application. 
  3. The applicant will be responsible for obtaining project quotes that must be submitted to the program coordinator for review and feedback.
  4. The applicant will be provided the BTIF Step 4: Pre-Agreement document for their review and submission.
  5. A final overall evaluation will be conducted by the project coordinator for the applicant’s file. If approved, the applicant will receive a Letter of Offer document which outlines the financial details of the approved grant in addition to project deadlines.



What are some examples of projects that may qualify for BTIF?


  • Website Projects. Eligible website costs include, but are not limited to:

    • Website development
    • Responsive website design
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Website Analytics
    • E-Commerce
    • Training on how to manage, maintain and update your website from your project vendor
  • E-business Software or Hardware ProjectsEligible software or hardware costs include, but are not limited to:

    • The purchase of software and integration into existing business platforms
    • Software solutions which connect online services to your business machines (such as connecting inventory or scheduling software to your website or mobile application)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Mobile application development
    • Point-of-sale hardware or software (such as iPads, Laptops, card readers
    • Software training for maintaining and managing your software solution from your project vendor
  • Social Media: Eligible costs for social media planning campaigns include, but are not limited to:

    • Consultations
    • Research and strategic planning
    • Account creation and optimization
    • Training to execute your social media campaign project, including social media literacy, learning best practices, and effective campaign planning from your project vendor.
  • Technology Adoption Education: Eligible costs for technology education include, but are not limited to:

    • Course fees
    • Certification


BTIF Deadlines to be aware of:

Please use the table below to keep track of when the submission deadlines are and when the approval confirmations will happen.


Deadline to Submit Approval Confirmation Deadline to Complete Project*
Aug. 10th Aug. 22th November 30th
Aug. 31st Sept. 12th November 30th
Sept. 14th Sept. 26th November 30th
Sept. 28th Oct. 10th November 30th
Oct. 12th Oct. 24th November 30th
Oct. 26th Nov. 9th December 31st
Nov. 2nd Nov. 9th February 15th
Nov. 9th Nov. 21st February 15th
Nov 23rd Dec 5th February 15th
Dec 7th Dec 19th February 15th
Jan. 11** Jan. 23 February 15th
Jan. 25** Feb. 6 February 15th


**software procurement projects only


Please note that the following costs are not eligible for BTIF funding:

  • Graphic design, photography services (such as new logos), and ongoing social media management are not eligible costs.
  • Site maintenance, website hosting fees, ongoing costs are not eligible.
  • Work undertaken prior to project approval is not eligible for funding.


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