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Arcori Inc. provides cutting-edge property and facility management solutions as well as assessment tools for Real Estate Professionals and engineering firm. The Company's core products include: Capital Works Enterprise, a state-of-the-art integrated facility assessment and capital planning software with a number of different modules; and Property Clerk Enterprise, a comprehensive property management software and accounting solution.


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Bay Meats

Located in the heart of Thunder Bay’s ‘Historic Finnish District’, Bay Meats Butcher Shop produces a variety of Gluten Free meat products for its Ontario customers. Since opening their doors in February 2011, the owners and staff of Bay Meats Butcher Shop have committed to developing only the highest quality meat products. From their earliest version of Gluten Free Smokies and Kielbasa, their repertoire of products now extends from Italian Sausages, Italian Meatballs and Maple Breakfast Sausage to Beef Jerky, Kielbasa and Smokies.


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CE Strategies

CE Strategies is an innovative company that provides a full range of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services and training. They are based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario and understand the complex and diverse issues that northern communities face. We work with clients by addressing their needs and helping to resolve these needs by providing efficient and effective solutions using the power of GIS technology.


C.G. Labs

CG Labs Inc. is a biotechnology company at the forefront of the science of DNA recovery. CG Labs advancing scientific insight through the storage and analysis of family DNA. The company preserves a family’s genetic legacy and provides access to family DNA that allows doctors to better track, diagnose, and prevent a wide range of illness from simple skin disorders to terminal cancer. 


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Cinevate is committed to the innovation of professional and affordable film and digital video production tools. Cinevate's line of products include the industries' most comprehensive and versatile line of DSLR camera sliders. Other award winning products include the Durus Follow Focus, Titan Mattebox and a variety of HDSLR Rigs. Cinevate’s reputation for exceptional service and support demonstrates a genuine desire to meet the needs of its customers worldwide.


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Crazy Good Spices

Grace Ward started this business out of a passion for cooking. After providing some advice to family and friends, she was encouraged to start packaging her own spice blends with the best ingredients. After some hard work she now is starting to get her spices into stores and sell online.



Looking to get more performance from your vehicle? EconoMaxx helps you reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and provides more horsepower with one easy to install product. The EconoMaxx is a non-moving part made of automotive grade plastic that gets placed into the air intake hose that optimizes the angular velocity of the air so your engine burns fuel more efficiently.




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Fusing communications with creativity, Imaginarium Studio strives to inspire clients to imagine effective and beautiful video content for cinema, television and web. Applying state-of-the art camera and post-production processes and technologies, Imaginarium Studio is Northwestern Ontario’s first video production studio to offer 4K Ultra High Definition services. Ensuring awe-inspiring quality video while future proofing clients’ content for the next generation of televisions, monitors and mobile screens, Imaginarium Studio brings world-class video production capacity to Northwestern Ontario.


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Kam Valley

Through the use of sound engineering, 3D design and cutting edge computer controlled machinery; Kam Valley Industries offers a complete manufacturing solution.  We strive to push our industry ahead, not just by making parts according to specification, but by being mindful of how we approach all aspects of our enterprise. This includes everything from the ways in which we interact with our clients to ensuring our processes are environmentally responsible.


Lake of the Woods Brewing Company

The Lake of the Woods is a clean, refreshing place to visit and the beer company that resides there crafts amazing recreational beverages that reflect these qualities. LOWBrew Co.’s offering consists of seasonal beers and mainstay favourites that are sure to please any beer enthusiast or recreational drinker.


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Founded in 2009, Meaglow Ltd. is a spin-off company from Lakehead University.  Meaglow manufactures and sells crystal growth research reactors and supplies thin films to semiconductor research institutes and industry. The company specializes in producing Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN) thin films via its CVD based migration enhanced afterglow deposition process.  It's products can be used downstream in the manufacturing process of LEDs, laser diodes, solar cells, transistors, and more!




Finding top talent is tough, they aren’t looking at job boards, how do you grab their attention? Recroup is a job advertising platform for companies that are looking to get the attention of the best candidates as they often are already employed elsewhere.




Dressing pre-school kids and toddlers is a challenge and before they come back inside it often looks like a yard sale outside with all the mittens, hats, boots that are misplaced. The ScootSuit is a one-piece outfit that is designed for our Northern winters that allows parents and daycare providers to dress kids quickly without worrying about missing bits.

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Sencia Canada Ltd.

Sencia Canada Ltd. is an innovative website and software application developer located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We are dedicated to helping clients worldwide achieve their business goals through the use of strategy, design and technology - including dynamic Web sites, e-business applications and e-learning applications. Sencia also provides businesses and organizations with various Web hosting packages based on their requirements.



ShipEarly is an onmi-channel ecommerce plugin for manufacturers that eliminates the online channel conflict that occurs with traditional brick and mortar retail partners. ShipEarly integrates retailers into the eCommerce checkout process allowing brands to sell online and strengthen dealer relationships. With ShipEarly, brands assist their retailer partners turnover more product and get additional foot traffic in-store. In addition, ShipEarly notifies registered retailers of items selling online near their store to better adjust their product assortment to meet the local markets needs.



Slate River Dairy

Authentic farm fresh milk that comes in bottles will often have you thinking you went back in a time warp, but when you taste the freshness of Wilma’s milk you won’t want to go back to the other stuff. Look for Slate River Dairy in your local grocery store or at the farmers market.



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Takemetuit is a Canadian company that has been perfecting Indoor Positioning since 2011. Our unique proprietary hardware and apps: 1) lead shoppers with a standard smart phone to within 4 inches of specific products, thus enabling numerous customercentric aspects of omni-channel retailing and planogramming; and 2) enables tracking shopper movement for analytics. Unlike Takemetuit, indoor positioning systems (IPS) are limited to locating a person indoors within 7-20 feet of accuracy, and some may track walking patterns. IPS does not have the design or accuracy to reliably guide a valued shopper to a specific product, or have a consistent positive experience.




Have you or know of someone who’s ever had an arm injury and had to immobilize themselves? Now let’s think about how they shower as most braces are not waterproof or water resistant. Wetsling is the first arm sling invented for use in the shower or bath. It’s one size fits all, quick drying solution is therapist recommended and can obviously be used as a regular sling as well.