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Sencia Thunder Bay Wed Design Development Company 

Global Built Local

Building a global full service web and software solutions company is what Sencia Canada Ltd. has been able to accomplish since its formation in Thunder Bay in 2001.  The company was started by Joe Quaresima and Irene Kozlowski after receiving notice that their employer was closing.  Joe and Irene started Sencia Canada Ltd. with the intent of helping clients achieve their success through the innovative use of technology and they now offer a wide range of software solutions and web services for clients in Northwestern Ontario as well as North America and around the world.

Sencia attributes their success to a business model that starts with their client’s needs and ends with innovative solutions that help them succeed and grow. Throughout that process Irene & Joe suggest they focus on providing assistance and guidance that is “service driven”. This philosophy has not only helped grow their business but can also explain their high retention rate of local and global clients as evidenced by the significant portion of company revenues that are recurring.

Retention of clients as well as employees has been a metric of success for the company. The company has grown from its original partnership to a staff of nineteen technical and professional employees with some of those employees being with them since the inception of the firm. Under their leadership, Joe and Irene have built a corporate culture that encourages a family atmosphere and they are proud of their ability to work effectively as a managerial team.

Like many start-up companies, Sencia received valuable support in their early days. Irene comments that the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre not only provided space for their business operations but “played an instrumental role” in their success. “Having someone to run ideas off of was so helpful” states Irene. In addition to the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre, they received assistance from other business organizations, individuals and government programs. Both Joe and Irene understand the importance of this early stage assistance and now try to help other businesses get started and grow. Under their leadership the company has a strong record of community involvement and philanthropy. In addition to providing support for many local and national non-profit projects and initiatives, both Joe and Irene volunteer their time to many different boards and organizations.

Sencia continues to focus on growth for its success but recognizes it needs to be flexible and adaptable to survive in the technology industry. “You have to be flexible, adaptable and ready for change all the time” the company suggests. They attribute their stability in the industry to providing service that is reliable and dependable. “Deliver on what your promise”, suggests Joe.  While they increased their office space significantly since beginning, they remain in Thunder Bay.  “We want our clients to know that we are here to stay and we are committed to our Northwestern Ontario roots” states Irene.

For aspiring entrepreneurs both Joe and Irene suggest the need to be persistent and dedicated to their idea. “It doesn’t happen overnight and you have to work hard”, suggests Irene. This advice holds value as it seems to originate from their experience of starting a small local company in 2001 and growing it, through hard work, to the global web and software organization it is today. 


 About Sencia: A Global Solutions Company

Sencia Canada Ltd. is an innovative website and software application developer located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We are dedicated to helping clients worldwide achieve their business goals through the use of strategy, design and technology - including dynamic Web sites, e-business applications and e-learning applications. Sencia also provides businesses and organizations with various Web hosting packages based on their requirements.

Sencia Canada Ltd. has a suite of licensed systems that will provide your business or organization with cost-effective solutions:

US Canadian Web Services 

Sencia Canada Ltd. offers a full suite of US and Canadian Web services to build and support your e-business strategy. Whether you require a Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer or Business-within-Business service, we are well-equipped to meet your needs.