Trailblazer + Protozone



Two great programs in one.


Do you have an innovative idea or product that you would like to turn into a business? Our Trailblazer + ProtoZone program is a great first step on how to validate your business idea, figure out if you can make a profit and become investment-ready. This program consists of four 1-hour weekly workshops that include customer interaction, peer-to-peer learning, and experienced mentors to help you along the way. During this practical program, you will create a business model canvas and develop each part of your business, ensuring that you're building a business that makes sense and that your customers want. You will also receive 1-on-1 support from the Innovation Centre team. Participants that do not have a manufacturable product do not have to attend the last ProtoZone session.



The three session Trailblazer component is designed to take you through the necessary steps to identify your market, validate your idea, and gain an understanding of what it takes to receive funding.






The final session, ProtoZone, is tailored to entrepreneurs looking to manufacurable product to market. This session will provide you with key information, insights, and education about the best practices for successfully developing a physical product. 



The full course is 4 sessions in total and each week builds on the previous week

These 4 in-person sessions will run:

Session One - February 6th: 4 - 5pm EST

Session Two -February 13th: 4 - 5 pm EST

Session Three -February 20th: 4 - 5pm EST

Session Four - February 27th: 4 - 5pm EST

Cost: $25.00 +HST






Looking for individuals/companies with an innovative idea that is scalable or looking to manufacture a product. Must be coachable, willing to engage with customers, and fully committed to moving their idea forward.



Participants who successfully complete the Trailblazer + ProtoZone program and have an innovative business or product can apply to the Next Level funding which could cover up to $5,000 in assistance towards approved costs in eligible categories.



Please connect with Carole Long - or call 807-768-6696



Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre

2400 Nipigon Rd.



$25 plus tax and includes a light snack


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