Venture Vault

The Venture Vault is a workplace and incubator designed for new entrepreneurs, infused with the energy and resources of the Thunder Bay innovation community. It’s a place to innovate, collaborate and build successful ventures.

A unique characteristic about the Vault is that it surrounds the start-up or new product development team with a complete ecosystem to move quickly from the idea to the market. The Vault nurtures entrepreneurial ideas by giving new business creators information and advice on business planning, presenting, funding, patents, marketing and more. The Innovation Centre is proud to partner with Confederation College on this space as both organizations share the vision of integrating student talent and educational experience to support early stage entrepreneurs and expose students to the reality and rewards of starting an innovative new venture.

Entrepreneurs are driven to fill the gap between what they want and what is available. What they lack are the resources and experience that turn their ideas into reality. The Vault provides them with a group of like-minded individuals for collaboration; connection to the additional talent they require to build the right team; the necessary overhead assistance which includes open, flexible workspace; services such as business plan counseling, mentoring, workshops, and networking all at a very low cost to the user. With significantly reduced start-up costs, entrepreneurs are able to focus on getting their product out the door and launching their own small businesses.

The Innovation Centre is actively seeking innovative entrepreneurs who see the value of developing their company in a dynamic, supportive and collaborative environment.

In the Vault you will receive the following infrastructure and support:

  • Assigned desk and chair in the shared workspace;
  • Quick access to the Innovation Centre team - including regular meetings with our team to provide support, advice and the right connections;
  • High speed internet access;
  • Increased exposure for your business by collocating at the Innovation Centre;
  • Access to the Innovation Centre's colour printer, scanner, fax machine (pay per use);
  • Access to Advisory Room, Boardroom, Training Lab, and other Centre facilities;
  • Business address;
  • Linkages to talent - i.e. Confederation College workplacement teams and other connections;
  • PLUS - All the Innovator Member benefits

Proudly Supported By:

Confederation College