Third Tuesdays


May 19th, 2020 

TOPIC: Mobile Security


Third Tuesday is a casual event, open to all tech enthusiasts!

Email James for the Zoom link: 



What’s it about?
Third Tuesday has always been a place for Thunder Bay tech enthusiasts to come out, meet up and network with their peers. With the recent COVID-19 emergency we've decided to take it online. Join us as we welcome the CEO of FSET, David Brown, where he'll lead the discussion on Mobile Security. He will be joining us from Kenora to discuss his company's #MobilityFirst initiative, a project that enables police officers to utilize smartphones while in the field of duty. He'll look at the security challenges his team faced with that project as well as other security issues we all encounter every day when using a mobile phone. Some of these issues you may not even be aware of. 

Feel free to grab a social drink and something to snack on as we meet.

We encourage you to participate as much as possible during the virtual meet up. For those of you have been to a Third Tuesday before you know the best conversation happens when everyone contributes.

How to connect? 
With a temporary transition to online, we will be using video conferencing to connect with one another. Follow these instructions to be ready for Tuesday:

  1. Everyone interested in participating needs to email James to receive the Zoom link, meeting ID, and password. He can be reached by
  2. Download the Zoom app or browser add-on. If your device uses an app store you will have to download the Zoom app. If you're using a browser, Zoom will request that you need to download an add-on for you to connect.
  3. Please test your devices microphone and video camera prior to the meeting. Adjust your settings if required.
  4. Depending on the device/app you are using either the link provided by James or the Meeting ID will work.
  5. Once you are joining the meetup you will temporarily be put in a waiting room and will be let in momentarily. You will be prompted to type your name as you are joining. Please use your actual name and not the name of the device that you are on.
  6. When you join the meeting you will automatically be muted to avoid everyone talking and snacking all at once. You can choose to share your video or not but the meet up will be friendlier if everyone was to share their video.


How it's going to work? 
With a temporary transition to online it would be best to outline how Third Tuesday will work:

  1. Everyone will be muted during the discussion except for David the discussion lead and James the moderator. 
  2. To contribute to the discussion, we encourage you to 'Raise Hand' via the Participants box that you can open via the Participants button at the bottom of Zoom. When your hand is raised the moderator will unmute you. Once the dialogue has ended you will be muted again.
  3. You can also contribute through the chat box which can be opened via the Chat button found at the bottom of the program.

If you have any questions prior please email James -

We would like to thank our NEW presenting sponsor Health efx! Without them, our Third Tuesday gatherings would not be possible. 

During Third Tuesday, buy one Lake of the Woods beer and they will buy your second one!

* Only one beer per person will be purchased by Lake of the Woods for each monthly gathering.


If you have any questions please email James -


Check out some photos from Third Tuesday: