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As we shift to an increasingly digital business environment, an organization's workforce needs to shift with it. This means that skillsets also need to keep pace and the IT skills necessary to be successful today and those skills are getting harder to find due to the pace of change.  The labour market is becoming increasingly competitive due to the simple economics of supply and demand. While remote work has opened the door to a broader talent pool, it also means everyone, small and large, are competing within the same pool. How do you find the right hire? Even when you do find a new hire, they are being approached weekly on LinkedIn with new job opportunities. How do you create a work environment that encourages people to say "not interested" and stay with your organization for the long-term?

The Innovation Centre has brought together a diverse panel to shed light on these topics from differing angles. We want to spur discussion reviewing these issues through the lens of a tech recruiter with expert knowledge of the client-facing IT space, an educator who is training tomorrow's employees, and an entrepreneur who has built a tech business in rural Northern Ontario. By considering the issue from all sides, participants can expect to leave with a better understanding of expectations within the labour market and strategies for exceeding these expectations to ensure they recruit and retain the talent necessary for success.



May 18th

1:30 PM - 3 PM





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Our Panelists



Martyn Bassett

CEO at Martyn Bassett Associates

Today, we have an opportunity to better understand expectations on the supply side of the labour market courtesy of Martyn. As it relates to IT recruitment, how are expectations changing? What trends are we seeing in hiring incentives? Do we need to adjust our expectations accordingly and when is it appropriate to seek out professional help with these processes?

About Martyn

Martyn is a 30-year veteran of the recruitment business, with connections to some of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs. Martyn takes pride in being a thought leader and trusted advisor to the Toronto software community, and regularly consults with investing partners on their portfolio clients. Martyn’s extensive experience helping companies build teams that drive revenue shapes everything that the firm does—with a strong focus on acting as a consultative partner for all clients and candidates. Martyn Bassett Associates focuses on helping early stage companies find, attract, and hire the top talent in sales, marketing, product, IT, analytics, and engineering/development.






Dr. Hosam El-Ocla, P.Eng

Computer Science Chair and Associate Professor at Lakehead University

Understanding that Northwestern Ontario is a small market, organizations need to be creative and realistic with their hiring processes. That doesn't mean "settling" though. We have highly skilled and relatively cheap labour pool going untapped at Lakehead University. LU has outstanding computer science undergrad and graduate programs flying under the radar locally.


About Dr. El-Ocla






Nicole Brown, MBA

Chief Operating Officer at FSET Inc.

Today, we get to lean on Nicole to discuss how the conditions for recruitment and retention have drastically changed due to COVID, the value proposition of contractors vs employees, understanding that "unicorns" or experts in everything don't really exist, and all through the lens of operating in a small, rural market.

About Nicole

As the Chief Operating Officer and co-owner of FSET, Nicole Brown leads the company’s charge for digital equity by overseeing the delivery of cutting-edge solutions for both the public and private sectors. With a Master of Business Administration and a Six Sigma Black Belt certification, Nicole excels at changing the game and empowering others in the workplace, which in 2019 won FSET the RBC Innovative Company of the Year award. In the community, Nicole also serves on the Board of Directors for both the Lake of the Woods District Hospital and Northwestern Health Unit, as well as a Project Manager for the All Nations Health Partners where she is able to put her vast experience in the health care industry and digital transformation to great use. Along with everyone else at the company, she is proud to demonstrate time and time again what professionals in the North are truly capable of.