Next Level: Expertise for Growth








What is it?


Do you need a special set of expertise to take your innovative company to the next level? This program will allow you to sit down and have 1-on-1 discussions and receive insight from an experienced professional that can have a profound impact on your business. 





Management and Corporate Development

Technical Support

Business Strategy

Investment Readiness



Expertise for Growth will cover up to 80% funding for contracted support.




  • The 1-on-1 discussions with an experienced professional must be geared towards growing sales, increasing employment levels, or decreasing costs.

  • The applicant is required to contribute a minimum of 20% of the total project costs. Paid expenses occurring before the date of the application for Next Level funding will not be recognized as an eligible contribution. 



What are some examples of projects that may qualify for Expertise for Growth?

  • Management and Corporate Development:

    • Corporate planning and structuring
    • Cost analysis and financial planning
    • Human capital planning
  • Technical Support: 

    • Manufacturing design and scale planning
    • Product design and development
    • Guidance on app design and development
  • Business Strategy:

    • Analyze your business's current position and plan your business' future
    • Explore new sales channels and markets for your products
  • Investment Readiness: 

    • Pitch development and pitch practicing
    • Financial planning and forecasting



Ready to Apply or Learn More?


Please contact Mario Escoto Damas to set up a meeting to discuss your project and start your application! or 807-768-6682