CTAF: COVID-19 Technology Adoption Fund




Support for up to 75% of eligible project costs up to $10,000 for implementing digital technology solutions
and adopting remote work solutions.



Websites and Social Media Strategies
Software Procurement
Hardware supporting remote work
Training for any of the above


Your project must be completed, paid for and necessary documentation submitted to the NOIC by March 1, 2021.


Is your business eligible?

  • For-profit businesses, municipalities, indigenous communities, and start-ups* are eligible
  • Possess a valid Canadian business number
  • Be located in Northwestern Ontario
  • Seasonal businesses are eligible
  • Hobby and part-time businesses are not eligible

*Start-ups must have an MVP, revenue stream, complete the NOICs Trailblazer program or other evidence of investment and viability

CTAF Application Process:

  1. A consultation between the applicant and the program coordinator will be scheduled to review, discuss and to advise on your application and project proposal.
  2. Complete and submit the CTAF Application. 
  3. The applicant will be responsible for obtaining project quotes that must be submitted to the program coordinator for review and feedback.
  4. A final overall evaluation will be conducted by the project coordinator for the applicant’s file. If approved, the applicant will receive a Letter of Offer document which outlines the financial details of the approved grant in addition to project deadlines.

What are some examples of projects that may qualify for CTAF?


  • Time tracking software for mapping out where times is spent
  • Digital dictation
  • Project management and task management tools
  • Digital filing systems
  • Email management solutions

Financial Management

  • Online invoicing services
  • Budgeting solutions
  • Accounting software


  • Marketing software
  • Social media strategies
  • CRM Solutions
  • Websites and enhancing online presence

Collaboration and Learning

  • Webinars and online conferencing
  • Online business training
  • Migrating to cloud-based solutions
  • Setting up an intranet or share-point solution
  • Team messaging solutions

Customer Service

  • Social media integration to support customer service requests
  • Online help desk and ticketing solutions
  • Online booking an appointment management solutions
  • Online surveys soliciting customer feedback

Mobile Work

  • Creating a mobile office, allowing employees to work from anywhere
  • Mobile desktop and VPN solutions
  • Support for going paperless


The following expenses are not eligible for CTAF:

Graphic and logo design
Photography and videography
Domain registration and hosting fees


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