Tips & Advice

The process of obtaining IP rights can be cumbersome, confusing, and expensive.  Intellectual property lawyers or agents are professionals specializing in the extremely complex legal framework that involves IP law.  IP lawyers or agents generally combine their legal expertise with knowledge in technology, industry and business.  They are a great source of information and guidance as you work through the process of obtaining intellectual property protection.

A registered patent or trade-mark agent is a specialist entitled to prepare and prosecute patent/trademark applications.  An agent can save you from many headaches caused by such things as a poorly drafted patent document that inadequately protects your invention. Hiring an agent is not mandatory but is highly recommended. Registered patent agents must pass rigorous examinations in patent law and practice before they may represent inventors before the Patent Office.  Beware of unregistered patent or trade-mark agents; they are not authorized to prosecute patent applications or register trade-marks and are not subject to Patent Office or Trade-marks Office discipline.