Review and Evaluation

This section of your plan should include plans and procedures for tracking each type of media you are using. And, as a subset of each of those procedures, you should identify specifically which vehicle within those media groups is being the most effective.

Checking out the effectiveness of your marketing campaign from a product sales standpoint is critical. Begin the review process early and repeat it often. You can tweak your plan along the way to eliminate or shift schedules if you find that some element of the mix is definitely not working. Don't wait until it's too late.

Review your quarterly performance goals. Check your market share. Look at your sales figures based on not only the origin of the sale, but the type of customers as well. In other words, is this an existing customer, a new customer, or a new customer with a totally different demographic profile? Are you retaining existing customers, or are most of your sales coming from new customers? What is your competition doing?

It is very important that you to track, gauge and measure the effectiveness and progress of your marketing plan.  Use the information you've already developed with the timetables and benchmarks in the previous section.  You can refine the dates and actions needed to meet your preset goals along the way.  If some strategies are not working, try to determine why.  Is there is a problem with the implementation and/or timing?  How can you refocus and move forward?  

Finally, as part of the marketing plan's appendix, include any supporting documents such as letters of intent, purchase agreement.  Signed documents from prospects and clients always add more credibility to a marketing plan.