Marketing Plan Outline

Here an outline from "The Marketing Planning Guide" created by David H. Bangs Jr.  This outline will serve as a template for a comprehensive marketing plan for your business and/or organization.  Each section of the template will be broken down for more detailed assistance.

  1. Mission Statement (what you want your business, main markets, and products/services to be)
  2. Marketing Objectives for next year and the next three years.
  3. Sales and profit goals for the next one and three years
  4. Product/services (Brief description by product/service lines, including proposed changes and any recent changes that would affect marketing goals)
  5. Target Markets (List and briefly describe)
  6. Market Potential (What are the markets and what potential sales, profit, or other advantages does each have?)
  7. How to achieve your goals:
    • Overall strategy
    • Competitive strategies
    • Promotional strategies
    • Pricing, Place, Sales Practices
    • Marketing and Advertising budgets
  8. Identifying potential problems
  9. Implementation and measurement of timetables and benchmarks
  10. Review and evaluation schedule