Innovation Development

Innovative ideas are essential for our regions economic health and business growth.  Many innovative ideas, patents, concepts and successful product have originated here in Northwestern Ontario.  However, it is not easy to take an innovative idea from your mind to the marketplace.  It is often very difficult for innovators to get the kind of financial, technical, and managerial support they need to realize their dreams.

This topic is aimed at innovative people, whether an individual inventor or the owner-manager of a small or medium-sized enterprise.

The modules include information on:

  • Generating good ideas - techniques, tools and tips for filling the funnel of new ideas.  Encouraging lots of ideas is the best way to ensure you have some great ideas to work with.
  • Assessing your idea - information on resources for getting the information to properly evaluate your idea.  Take a moment to complete our assessment quiz under surveys.
  • Process - explore the process are the best companies in the world using to make sure they pick the winners and bring them successfully to market.
  • The latest research - we have complied the current thinking from senior levels of government, academia and research institutions on innovation.