Business Mapping Program

Helping your business move forward innovative business outcomes


What is it?

This program takes an in-depth look into your business and carefully analyzes all of its key components. Our knowledgeable team will look at the key business functions of your company; everything from marketing to your customers’ experience. The result will lead to strategic recommendations and a plan of action that will move your business forward. Through our analysis we will uncover what keeps you up at night and what holds your company back from reaching the next level.


We will help your business:

Address key issues keeping you up at night.

Develop new strategies to scale operations and grow.

Provide additional expertise to solve critical problems.

Project the company’s future financial needs.

Implement recommendations and move forward.


Some of the key business areas we will assess are:

    Human Resources

Financial Analysis

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Information Technology

Customer Service/Experience

Innovation and Culture



$50+HST for each business Assessment at a value of $1,000.

All assessments are kept private and confidential.



Please contact us for additional information at:

Phone: (807) 768-6682



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