Aerovate Next Level Complete

The Innovation Centre is proud to announce our latest Next Level project Aerovate!  Aerovate is the only passive variable pitch propeller hub system for low horse-power UAVs that improves take-off and cruise performance.  The variable pitch essentially means that in mid-flight the propeller changes angle to always optimize the aircraft to fly faster and further.  The Founder of Aerovate Andrew Kondor has been an Innovator Member with the Innovation Centre since 2009, taking research from a Georgia University and he is now commercializing the product. 

Part of commercializing the product is providing the appearance as if the company has been around a period of time to pass the “sniff test” we call it.  The sniff test is a general review of the company’s marketing materials to ensure you do not look amateur or a start-up even if you are.  We sat down with Aerovate to discover the product, its primary features and benefits and how we communicate them to customers to develop their Next Level application.  The Next Level grant allows them to spend $0.20 on the dollar toward an investment in their company to assist in the commercialization or acceleration of product sales. 

"With the assistance and persistance of Nick from the NWO innovation centre and the Next Level program, we were able to come up with a solid foundation of the content strategy and how we wanted to communicate to our audience with a professional image for the global introduction of our aerospace product. The financial assistance was a welcomed bonus however the hard work the team put in to get things done in a short amount of time to support Aerovate was simply amazing" Andrew emphatically states.

What prompted Andrew to come see us about the Next Level program is that after years of testing his product it is now officially for sale!  In Fall 2013, Andrew is attending his first show and during the process has managed to find a world leading partner in Sensenich propeller blades that power every unit.  To enhance his image we approached the good folks at Shout Media, a local design firm in Thunder Bay. Suzanne, Shawn, and Tyler accommodated Andrew and the Innovation Centre team to craft a strategy around what we want to communicate to the target audience.  What made this project tricky is that we were essentially starting from scratch with basic materials, no key selling points or value statements, and little graphic imagery to represent the benefits of the product.

To prepare for the trade show schedule, the primary lead generation tool for the industry, Aerovate had no sales materials.  Out of the Next Level program Andrew requested a sell-sheet, business cards, trade show banner, and a website facelift, along with an industry membership and to exhibit at an upcoming show.  Although it is too early for results, see the transformation of Aerovate below.  According to Andrew "The team at the innovation together with Shout media made things come alive for Aerovate.  They took our average look and gave us the makeover fitting of a multimillion dollar aerospace company. It made us look truly professional and provided us the confidence and edge we needed to really stand out.  A measureable success on every front!"

Stay tuned for results in the future.

Before - Website Only

Aerovate Before

After - Website, Sales Sheet, Banner, Business Cards, Exhibiting

Revised Website

Aerovate Website After

Trade Show Display

Aerovate at Tradeshow

Sales Sheet    

Aerovate Sales Sheet

Aerovate Sales Sheet 2

Business Cards


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