Advance Manufacturing Lab

Local manufacturers and inventors will be eager to learn of the establishment of the Advance Manufacturing Lab.  The lab is the long awaited outcome of responsive collaboration between the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre and Kam Valley Industries, a local company who currently provides innovative design, manufacturing and finishing services to area businesses.  Kam Valley will staff and operate the Centre and, with its interwoven association with the NOIC, will be able to respond to those innovators in our community who require specialized, custom prototyping support and those businesses who require small to medium run manufacturing solutions but with not to outsource their business.

The lab will boast the capability of 5-axis manufacturing, sophisticated 3-D CAD design technology, industrial finishing solutions and an unmatched level of objectivity and understanding with respect to new product ideas and their development.  The broad services of the Advance Manufacturing Lab will transform the region's inclination towards sourcing distant suppliers and eliminate the problems associated with conveying ideas and quality control thereto.  Now, small niche-market entrepreneurs and large production-oriented manufacturers alike will have a local alternative to accomplish small-run, specialized piece-parts fabrication with the added services of professional prototype and innovation development.