The Powers of Social Media

This section will feature a wide range of articles that will help you and your organization develop your own social media strategy and help implement it.

As millions and millions of people around the world embrace social media into their lives company's are quickly realizing there is an opportunity to be had. The social media craze has hit hard with companies and it is very evident. Typical means of promotion such as magazines and television are falling by the wayside. But why not? The cost of social media is penny's compared to traditional means of advertising. The low entry cost is not only good for high marketing budget firms but provides an amazing opportunity for startup and SME's (small to medium enterprises). With a bit of creativity, these small organizations have the potential to reach millions and get the attention that will create a much needed buzz about your product. A great example of this is Blendtec through their Will It Blend? marketing campaign through youtube, facebook, twitter and specialty website  Each month their videos get millions of views from those anxiously waiting to see if common products such as the iphone or rubrik cube get chopped to bits by Blendtec blenders. In return the company has sold thousands of blenders and has positioned their products as heavy duty blending machines.

First of all if you do not read on a daily bases then you must start now. It is the go-to website regarding anything social media. Whats great about the site is it provides you with How To articles that guides you through a wide variety of processes you maybe unfamilar with.

Here are some great articles to get you started into the world of Social Media:

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