Market Strategy Workbook: Critical Value Factors

Applying the critical value factors is all about finding the right focus for your venture. Time, money and people are finite resources in any company, and start-ups certainly have none to waste. By establishing a focus, you will spend time on only those things that make a difference, invest only in resources that matter, and hire only people with relevant skills. The technology industry is in a permanent race against time, and a clear focus will allow you to reach the goal line before your competitors.

Investors will use your value proposition as a way of evaluating the potential of your company. If your venture has no focus, it will be impossible to formulate a crisp and concise value proposition.

Workbooks are comprised of two parts - the workbook itself which contains instructions, examples and activities, and the planning document in which you can write your responses. You can personalize the planning document by adding your company name and logo.


Download the Workbook

Contains instructions, examples and activities.


Download the Planning Document

Write your responses and keep for your company’s records.