Marketing Strategy

Marketing is an invaluable tool to any business thus careful planning is needed to take the most effective means to market a company. The success and failure of an organization is often determined by how a business startegizes its marketing activity. If a carefully planned strategy is not in a place efficiency and impact are often lost and business may suffer. This section will hopefully help you maximize your results and take advantage of the marketing tools available to you.

VIDEO: Introduction to Marketing

In this session we look at the basic concepts and principles of marketing that are relevant for early stage start-ups. Jon uses real-life examples to illustrate some of the following: What is particular about marketing technology products? Understanding the language of marketing for start-ups Designing the marketing function in early stage companies Creating marketing plans for companies with scarce resources MaRS - Building Canada’s next generation of global technology companies.



These are pdf documents that provide instructions, examples and activities you can utilize to make your business stronger. Planning documents are also included to write your responses to the workbook activities and implement effective changes to your business.

VIDEO: 5 Hot Sales Tips for Start-ups

image Debbie Baxter shares how entrepreneurs can develop a winning business development strategy.