HR Workbook: Building an A-Team

This workbook will enable you to develop the backbone of your HR management plan by helping you map out when and how to bring new team members on board. It will address the following questions:

  • What values do you seek in new hires?
  • As the company grows, what new hires will you need and when will you need them?
  • What skills do successful employees at your company require?
  • What qualities do your employees need to make them excellent?
  • How should you screen and interview to find the best candidates?
  • How do you make an official offer of employment?

Workbooks are comprised of two parts - the workbook itself which contains instructions, examples and activities, and the planning document in which you can write your responses. You can persinalize the planning document by adding your company name and logo.


Download the Workbook

Contains instructions, examples and activities.


Download the Planning Document

Write your responses and keep for your company’s records.