Human Resources Planning

The backbone of every company is human capital. These precious resources must be managed effectively in order for a business to maximize success. Those that take on the roles of the Human Resources administrators do more than simply hire and train employees. They actively are involved in employee compensation, management/union negotiations, workplace compensation claims, employee orientation and other important duties. This department has far reaching benefits and is a key asset to any organization.

This section will provide you with essential resources that will help anyone plan and strategize their company's HR well-being.

VIDEO: Human Capital - Building high performance teams for your start-up's success

Every start-up encounters speed bumps on the highway of growth. It's the people on your team who will enable your company to power through them. Skills and capabilities must evolve as you grow. You'll need to navigate advisory and other boards, recruit well and have effective team communication and a CEO who sets the stage for the company culture - all just to set you up for that early-stage VC funding. Lance Laking, an experienced successful entrepreneur, talks about how to successfully drive this off-road path. image


These are pdf documents that provide instructions, examples and activities you can utilize to make your business stronger. Planning documents are also included to write your responses to the workbook activities and implement effective changes to your business.

VIDEO: Human Resources Management


This session covers the human resources policies and practices needed in an entrepreneurial context including everyone's favourite HR topics: hiring and firing!