Financing Workbook: Developing and Delivering a Winning Investor Presentation

Once you have finalized your business plan, you will have most of the material required to prepare a presentation slide deck. This presentation, or pitch deck, will provide potential investors with information about your business opportunity, company and management team. This workbook provides a framework and guidance for developing a PowerPoint investor presentation and drafting a "demo" script.

Workbooks are typically comprised of two parts - the workbook itself which contains instructions, examples and activities, and the planning document in which you can write your responses. The principle outcome of this workbook is an investor presentation and we have provided a downloadable PowerPoint template below for this purpose. Use the planning document to write your "demo" script and prepare responses to key questions you may be asked as part of an investor presentaion. You can personalize the planning document and PowerPoint template by adding your company name and logo.

image Download the Workbook - Contains instructions, examples and activities.

image Download the Planning Document - Write your responses and keep for your company’s records.

image Download the Investor Presentation Template - Build a PowerPoint presentation for pitching to potential investors.