Government Resources

The following are just some of the many tools, resources and help available from the federal and provincial governments in Canada.

Export Market Access Funding

Export Market Access: A Global Expansion Program (EMA) is designed to assist small to medium size organizations (SMEs) to access and expand their growth in foreign markets.

If your company has 5 or more employees and annual sales of $500,000 or more, you may qualify for a contribution covering up to 50% of eligible costs incurred to develop export sales. Eligible activities include market research, marketing tools, direct contacts and foreign bidding projects.

Canadian Company Capabilities

It is a centrally maintained current searchable database of 50,000 Canadian businesses. Business profiles contain comprehensive information on contacts, products, services, trade experience, and technology. This a great tool for Canadian firms to be noticed on an international (and national) scale. Visit the website here: Canadian Company Capabilities

Trade Data Online

Find new export markets, determine competition for your products, and identify domestic opportunities for import replacement. Great market research tool, helps quantify the best possible markets and highlights export/import trade over a given period of time. A great source of primary research as each table is customizable to your specific interest. Visit the website here: Trade Data Online

Canada-Ontario Export Forum (COEF)

The COEF is Ontario's regional trade network, the organization aims to have trade partners provide programs and services in a coordinated team approach to Ontario companies interested in international business development. Visit the website here: Canada-Ontario Export Forum

Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting

Probably the best tool available to new exporters anywhere. It covers the entire process of exporting, from the time you start thinking about it until the time you're paid for delivery of your goods and services. Keep this page or its content close to you and your business anytime you have any questions regarding any part of your export venture. Visit the website here: Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting

Market Reports

Just as when writing a domestic business plan, solid information on your market and customer is the key to your firm's success. In any export venture having accurate andup-to-datemarket information will make the entire investment more secure and will dramatically increase your chance of success abroad. The federal government provides regularly updated market reports from throughout the world's markets. Sector and market reports are produced by experts based in the country, and with the knowledge of the market. Visit the website here: Market Reports

Export Development Canada - Economic and Political Research

A great research tool offered by Export Development Canada. The site offers a search feature that automatically produces any and all informationon a particular country or region. Visit the site and have free access to economic and political research covering over 200 markets worldwide from Export Development Canada's EXPORT Market Insight. Visit the website here: Economic and Political Research

International Trade Canada - Virtual Trade Commissioner

The Trade Commissioner Service is designed to work with companies that have already completed their research and selected their markets. The service works with companies to help them achieve their export goals, and has over 140 offices throughout the globe. Services offered by the Trade Commissioner's Service and their offices abroad include: market prospect, key contacts search, visit information, face-to-face meeting, local company information, troubleshooting, and much more.

Visit the website here: Virtual Trade Commissioner Service

Northwestern Ontario Development Network's Trade Northern Ontario (TNO)

Trade Northern Ontario (TNO) is a program that assists businesses in Northern Ontario initiate, expand or increase their export opportunities through trade. TNO’s focus is to increase the number of exporters in Northern Ontario by identifying trade opportunities and assisting companies to take advantage of those opportunities. TNO is a continuation of previous trade-related programs over the past decade that have all shared the goal of increasing the number of exporters in Northern Ontario. TNO is administered by the Northwestern Ontario Development Network and funded by FedNor.

Visit the website here: Trade Northern Ontario