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Government of Ontario - Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC)

The aim of the NOHFC is to work with northern entrepreneurs and businesses to foster private sector job creation while supporting critical infrastructure and community development projects that build a foundation for future economic growth and enhanced quality of life. The program offers funding for various aspects of business operations including the following programs:

Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program

This program is designed for the ambitious northerner with a new entrepreneurial idea and the drive to develop their own business. Those that are interested in this program have the potential to receive up to $125,000 in funding per project. The entrepreneur must make a cash investment in the business of no less than 10 per cent of the NOHFC’s contribution.

To see if your eligible and would like to apply visit: Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program

Youth Internship and Co-Op Program

Through this program, young northerners will have access to work placements and internships that will serve as a springboard to rewarding and successful careers. By investing in our highly skilled young workforce, Northern Ontario employers prepare them for future employment right here in the North.

Eligible Northern Ontario employers would be provided with a conditional contribution of up to 50 per cent of a wage subsidy to a maximum of $6.00 per hour to hire post-secondary students from Northern Ontario for work placements

To see if your eligible and would like to apply visit: Youth Internship and Co-Op Program

Enterprise North Job Creation

Through this program, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation will provide financial assistance to the private sector to support initiatives that bring new jobs and economic benefits to the North. The program is open to any small and medium sized enterprise operating in Northern Ontario and is in the form of a repayable loan. The maximum contribution from the NOHFC to any one project generally will not exceed 50 per cent of eligible capital costs up to $1 million.

Apply and/or read more on this program here: Enterprise North Job Creation

Emerging Technology

The Emerging Technology Program is designed to encourage both the private and public sectors to develop exciting and viable new technologies that will contribute to future northern prosperity. The program is designed to stimulate new ideas, innovations, and inventions that would be of benefit to Northern Ontario's economy when commercialized. Funding restrictions are similar to other NOHFC programs, the maximum contribution to any one project generally will not exceed 50 per cent of eligible capital costs up to $1 million. Eligible projects include:
  • Information and communications technology infrastructure, including high speed internet expansion and cellular expansion projects
  • Centres of excellence
  • Film development and production
  • Value-added products
  • Biotechnology and life sciences projects

Apply and/or read more on this program here: Emerging Technology

Infrastructure and Community Development

The NOHFC Infrastructure and Community Development Program helps northern communities make the investments necessary to improve critical infrastructure and develop partnerships that find effective ways to create jobs and improve economic prospects in the North. Eligible infrastructure projects include: industrial parks, winter roads projects, waterfront development, community facilities for economic development purposes (e.g. call centres).

Apply and/or read more on this program here: Infrastructure and Community Development Program

Northern Energy

This program is designed to help northern organizations to capitalize on energy opportunities, pursue clean alternatives and reduce their demand on external energy sources. This NOHFC program is composed of four separate program elements,these include:
  • Renewable Energy Planning
  • Renewable Energy Capital Assistance
  • New Internal Energy Generation Projects
  • Energy Conservation Pilot Projects

Each of these programs carry varying degrees of funding, and support,and each may vary in form, from forgivable performance loans or conditional contributions.

Apply and/or read more on this program here: Northern Energy

Northern Ontario Young Entrepreneur

The NOHFC Young Entrepreneur program is designed to help young entrepreneurs (aged 18-29) start new businesses while mobilizing a new generation of community builders in Northern Ontario.Generally, the funding from this program does not have to be repaid, the entrepreneur must contribute a minimum of 10% of the total project. The funding may cover up to 85% of eligible costs, and cannot exceed $25,000.

Apply and/or read more on this program here: Northern Ontario Young Entrepreneur

First Job Program

Through the First Jobs program, Ontario business can receive funding of up to $40,000 to cover 50% of the wages paid to a newly hired Masters or PHD Level graduates. Assistance for Start Up companies rises to 80% and up to $50,000. The program requires that companies applying for the grant directly benefit from the expertise of the graduates in their efforts to launch a new product, service or process. Graduates must also have completed their studies within the past 5 years at an Ontario institution and be for the first time since, applying their newly acquired skills through in the workplace.

To learn more about First Job, please contact:

Marc Nantel
Director, Business Development
Ontario Centres of Excellence
Tel: 1 (416) 861-1092 x 1025 or 1 (866) 759-6014 x1025

Ontario Summer Jobs

The Ontario Summer Jobs program encourages Ontario Businesses to hire students between the ages of 14 and 24 who will be returning to school for the fall term. The program will contribute $2.00 per hour up 560 hours for months of April to September. Application deadlines come due starting April 16th, however, funds are limited and business are strongly recommended to apply as soon as possible.

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