Canadian Intellectual Property Office

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), a special operating agency of Industry Canada, administers most of Canada's IP laws and regulations. First, CIPO grants or registers ownership for the following five types of IP: patents, trade-marks, copyrights, industrial designs and integrated circuit topographies. Second, it makes accessible to the public the details of new innovations registered in Canada, thereby encouraging further economic activity.

The sixth and final type of intellectual property, plant breeder's rights is handled through a division of Canada's Food Inspection Agency. The Plant Breeder's Rights Office (PBRO)is responsible for registering, administering and managing new plant species as intellectual property.

US Patent and Trade-mark Office

When researching your new idea or invention by looking up existing patents, it is important to remember that because an invention has not been registered in Canada, it does not mean it is not registered elsewhere. Your initial search should be through the existing intellectual property documents through the United StatesPatent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Once a thorough search through the files of the USPTO finished and your idea has not been registered, you can then initiate the process of registering it in Canada and the US.

World (Europe, Latin America, Asia):

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Lakehead University Innovation Management Office

Lakehead University's Innovation Management Office (IMO) is responsible for the management and commercialization of the University’s intellectual property, and the handling of legal issues and all aspects of the protection, development, and marketing thereof. The IMO acts as a liaison with administration, faculty members, students, private industry, investors, and government. The IMO's mandate is to encourage, support, and enhance the commercialization of intellectual property. Their servicesaim to advise in the following areas: intellectual property, licensing, start-up companies, knowledge based business support, industry sponsored research, and education. The IMO is a great source of local advice on any issues relating to intellectual property, business start-up and legal issues relating to business in general.

Intellectual Property Institute of Canada

The Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC),the IP association in Canada to which nearly all registered patent agents, registered trade-mark agents and lawyers specializing in IP belong, maintains lists of professionals who are trained and experienced in IP law. Further, CIPO also maintains a list of both registered patent and trade-mark agents through their website.

NOTE: In addition to accepting applications and other documents by mail or by fax, both the USPTO and CIPO offer electronic services to the public. The entire process, from initial search to final payment and approval, can be completed on-line, saving time and money.