Helpful Resources

The following are some helpful resources and links you can use as you continue developing your business plan.

Canada Business

Find out how to write a business plan and access templates and sample business plans.

MAINE Small Business Development Center

Online (free) courses are available to people thinking about starting a small business. Titles include "Startingyour Business" and "Developing Your Business Plan". Each course is broken down into modules, each module takes about 30 minutes to complete. At the end of the course the participant receives a Certificate of Completion.

Visit the website here: MAINE Small Business Center


Corporate Mission Inc."20 Questions Directors Should Ask About Strategy"

Good source of information about having a vision and sticking to a well organized and structured business plan. Offers a detailed look at why developing a business strategy is essential to all businesses, the importance of a good strategy, mission and vision, how to formulate an effective corporate strategy and much more.

See the entire document here - image

Growing a Business Niche to Niche

General outline on how a small/mid sized business can flourish by focusing on niche markets. The article offers interesting examples and some well-writtencontent can be used in focusing on a target market. Good tips on developing niches using new media.

See the entire document here - image