The North American diet is filled with fast food and we all know we're not treating our bodies very well when we eat too much of it.

If we think about it, vegetables and fruit are nature's fast food. We don't need to cook them. Just wash, chop or slice, and voilà! You've got a meal that's not only's good for you!

When you make a salad, use a dressing such as Hagen's to add to the goodness.

Hagen's Dressing is made with corn oil, vinegar and spices and offers you a cholesterol-free product with zero trans fat.



Hagens History

It’s hard to imagine a salad without Hagen’s Dressing! So what came first, the Hagen’s Dressing or the salad?

Well, back in the early 1960s there was a lovely little restaurant called the Five Acres Steakhouse located on Highway 17 near Eagle Lake, Ontario. It was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hagen. Not only did they prepare a great steak but they made an amazing dressing that became very popular to both locals and travelers alike! After Bill passed away, Mrs. Hagen continued to make and sell the dressing from her home in Vermilion Bay, Ontario.

We then offered to sell the dressing from our gift store, The Red Eagle. Although profits from the dressing went directly to Mrs. Hagen, we certainly saw the potential of this unique product.

Susan Durance purchased the dressing in 1970, and all members of the Durance family including Ross, Helen, Ron, Susan and Judy participated in both the production and promotion. Ron Durance and his chain of Red Eagle gift shops were very instrumental in the increased popularity of the dressing.

In 1977, the Durance family and partner Barry Scherban purchased The Riverview Lodge where Hagen’s Dressing became the house dressing and once again the dressing increased in popularity. The Red Eagle continued to promote and sell the dressing eventually shipping it across Canada and the United States.

This brings us to today, where we sincerely hope that you enjoy this website!

Mom still makes it and the rest of the Durance family, including Susan's husband Jordon, promotes and sells Hagen’s Dressing.

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