Mission Statement:


The Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre will act as a catalyst to

1.      Create jobs by supporting innovative entrepreneurs to establish and/or expand their businesses.  

2.      Contribute to the long-term economic growth of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.

3.      Create conditions favorable for technology transfer to industry through development and commercialization of innovative companies

4.      Encourage ongoing co-operation between business, education and government.

5.      Support innovative projects.

Our Values:

  • We lead change and act on ideas. We implement where others won’t.
  • To only undertake innovative projects and programs where we can clearly illustrate value to our clients, partners, members and sponsors. We are committed to ensuring responsibility and accountability for our efforts.
  • To seek long-term value-added client relationships rooted in partnership and based on success.
  • People matter. We are committed to an honest, open corporate culture based on team work, ethics, integrity and outstanding results.