Artificial Intelligence and Your Business

AI and Your Business
It’s Simpler Than You Think

Workshop Summary:
AI continues to influence our everyday lives and the use cases to leverage AI continue to grow. Every day, new industries
are finding ways to use AI to make their businesses smarter, delivering a better customer experience to all stakeholders.
Similarly, the tools to implement AI solutions continue to mature, making the opportunities for small and medium-sized
businesses to implement AI far more accessible. This workshop aims to demystify AI and review the steps our two speakers
have taken to successfully implement AI solutions in their businesses. Our speakers will also review use cases and the
application of AI across relevant industries in the region, including GIS, Agri-Food, retail, talent recruitment, breast cancer
screening and investing.



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Conference Schedule:

Tuesday March 3, 2020

9:00am - Complimentary Breakfast and Registration

9:40am – Introductory Remarks

9:45am – Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Mark Krupnik joins us to provide an overview of what AI is, what it is not, why it’s not as complicated as we’ve been led to
believe, and how small businesses can start leveraging this powerful tool.

10:45am – Coffee break

11:05am: What AI Means for Non-tech Businesses
Amit Chauhan joins us to discuss his experience implementing AI from his initial learnings and concepts to the mature AI
solutions leveraged by JobAdX today.

12:05pm – Closing Remarks


This workshop is brought to you by the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre. The NOIC is proud to be Northwestern
Ontario’s ICTN, promoting and supporting innovation in the region through workshops like this one, along with numerous
funding and training programs. You can find out more about the NOIC and upcoming opportunities at




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