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Available Reports:

Information Communication Technology Utilization Study (ICT)  (2010) pdf
NeoNet Business Report (2009) pdf
NeoNet Residential Report (2009) pdf

The NWO Innovation Centre and the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre have formed a partnership to undertake a study to discover the Information Communication Technology (ICT) that is currently impacting the economy of Northern Ontario and highlight those technologies that can have a profound effect in the region.

The purpose of this project is to determine the current barriers and issues to achieving social and economic benefits of ICT and provide recommendations and a strategy for moving forward to maximizing the economic development benefits of ICT in Northern Ontario.

The recommendations that were developed during the study are:

  1. Enhance the support systems available to SMEs to encourage adoption, stimulate growth and create a platform for ICT integration.
  2. Attracting knowledge workers to Northern Ontario should become a key component of the labour ICT strategy for the region.
  3. Enhance educational opportunities with a focus on ICT skills development.
  4. Expand the scope of current GIS undertakings and strengthen the linkages between business intelligence and value realization for SMEs.
  5. Engage IT organizations with the larger business community to ensure alignment of core products and services with market demand.

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