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Tbaytel and the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre are pleased to announce the mobile handset library to assist Thunder Bay and region startups.  The library is aiming to assist companies in four ways:

1) Entrepreneurs looking to enter the mobile space need to be aware of their competitors.  We have access to every platform and app store where you can demo a competitors product and allow you to think how you want to carve out your own unique niche in the mobile space and on which platform will be most suitable.  Obtaining an understanding of the competitive landscape and competitor gaps or short comings will greatly increase your attractiveness and ability to get listed on the App store of choice. 

2) The mobile handset library helps developers conduct critical testing and eliminate the high cost of purchasing unlocked phones or committing to multiple mobile operator contracts.  According to a recent study only 16% of users will use a buggy app more than twice, the mobile handset library helps mitigate the risk to ensure it works properly across various platforms.

3) For non-software related companies who are producing smartphone and tablet accessories to ensure a proper fit of their manufactured product with the device(s) of choice.

4) We are moving to a mobile world where the look and feel of your mobile web presence is important and operating your business from a mobile device anywhere in the world with 24/7 support is crucial.  With this handset library we are seeking to increase business awareness of mobile opportunities and educate on various mobile productivity applications for our regional companies to become more competitive.

The initial library will have 12 devices available for rental or on a subscription basis to interested parties, including tablets. For a full listing of our library check out our listing below. Handsets are currently available to rent or subscribe to at the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre.

Pay-as-You-Go Pricing

Phones: $20 per day + Unlimited Data Plan (for all phones or phones of choice)
Tablets: $25 per day + Unlimited Data Plan (for tablets or tablet of choice)

Mobile Library Annual Subscription

Phones & Tablets including Unlimited Data Plan is available at a cost of $300 and is available to Innovator Members only.

Why do we have to pay?

The mobile handset library is a user community driven initiative.  In order to keep our library up to date with current devices with new capabilities we require a shared cost between the user base.  The fees collected are intended to update our library and create awareness of the program.

How to Rent Mobile Handsets/Devices

  1. Register with the Innovation Centre in order to access our handset library
  2. Take a look at  current list of devices available at the Innovation Centre
  3. Email the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre with the timing and type of device you wish to rent with our request form.
    Please format request emails as “Handset Library Request –”

Returning Mobile Handsets/Devices

The mobile handset library should be wiped clean to protect your data and proposed innovation.  The Innovation Centre does not claim responsibility for devices that are not restored back to factory settings.  For instructions of how to restore all devices in our library back to factory settings before returning, please see Factory Reset Codes.

Handset Donations

Do you frequently upgrade your mobile or tablet and are looking to put your old phone to good use?  Contact Jaquelyn at the Innovation Centre about how you can donate your old phone and add to the Mobile Handset Library.

Contact Information

For more information about how to access our mobile handset library contact Jaquelyn Holm at (807) 768-6682 x 6676

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